Christian Counseling

As a Christian Counselor, I enjoy helping people address their problems and symptoms in a way that honors their faith while still maintaining the professional aspects of counseling.

While traditional psychology addresses the mind and emotions, I feel it is also crucial to address the needs of the spirit, as they are all interconnected. The condition of the mind and emotions can be hindered as a result of not addressing the spiritual. In fact, in recent years, psychological research has proven the effectiveness of addressing spiritual needs such as forgiveness.

I do not expect or require that my clients believe the way I do. I simply hope to provide a space where it is safe to explore spiritual issues, helping to strengthen and encourage spiritual development and growth, recognizing its benefit in every area of life and health.

My approach is Christian, with no specific emphasis on denominational doctrines or practices. Many of my clients enjoy prayer as a part of their session and their homework between sessions. Spiritual disciplines are encouraged as a part of daily practice, with the focus on cultivating that personal connection with God.

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