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Meet Kristen

Emotional and Spiritual Health Coach

Kristen brings over 22 years of experience in mental health and counseling to her work as an emotional and spiritual health coach. Much of that time has been as a Licensed Counselor and Certified Christian counselor. 

Kristen believes that emotional and spiritual health cannot be treated separately from each other. Her mission is to help clients break through barriers that are limiting their ability to live full and flourishing lives!

As a Christian, Kristen believes that it is God's intention that we walk in the fullness of our inheritance, which includes the ability to abide, to abound, and live out His purpose for our lives. 

Flourishing (4).png

The Flourishing Garden Community for Women

The Flourishing Garden is a community of Christian women on a journey to flourish and grow into their true identity in the Kingdom of God! 

Your ability to produce fruit and to flourish is directly tied to knowing your true identity and discovering the purpose for which you were created by God. Purpose gives direction! 

When you know what you were created to BE, then you can begin to know what you were created to DO! When you are doing the thing you were created for, it is a place of being FULLY ALIVE and a place of JOY! It's time to FLOURISH!

This free community is located on Facebook, so click the link below and it will take you to the request to join! 

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